See Faith In Eyes

Marriage is all about commitment.

Your show of commitment by making vows and exchanging rings during the wedding ceremony is definitely the highlight of your wedding day.

One-spot Marriage Registration

more convenient than to register it at the Marriage Registry
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最早結婚日期:8月7日 (但須於7月22日中午12點前簽署排期)
If your wedding date is less than 1 month, please call 2115 8108 immediately.

Marriage in your venue

Celebrant service allows you to personalize your wedding ceremony, making it unique and memorable.

3 style of ceremony style, fit for your wedding need

Classic Registration

“Official” wedding style of HK marriage registry adopted for a standard & solemn wedding ceremony

An Oath Wedding

"Celebrant + MC" wedding style designed by An Oath for a romantic & solemn experience

My Wedding

“Highly personalised” journey filled with feelings and sharing hosted by top-notch celebrants

^All inclusive except government fee for $305|Subject toRemote District,Auspicious DateandUrgent Bookingfee (payment methods)

Ceremony Hall|Simple Wedding Registration

2 style of ceremony hall, suitable for simple wedding ceremony

律師樓結婚 紅棉路婚姻登記處 大會堂婚姻登記處 婚姻註册處

Recommended by 95% of surveyed married couples

紀先生 & 黃小姐

律師真的超專業,在時間非常有限的情況下,都能很淡定地跟新人進行綵排,而且指式非常清晰! 大大減低新人的緊張。證婚儀式進行中亦都非常好,在新人因太緊張而忘記要做什麼時,都會不斷結予清晰?提示,所以程序都做得超級仔細!祝福語都特別有心思!所有人都大讚律師的專業!

梁先生 & 李小姐


Mr.Wong & Ms.Lui​


鄧先生 & 余小姐


Mr.Wong & Ms.Cheung


Doris & Raymond​

婚禮程序講解清晰、Facebook messenger 更新進度/通知服務非常與時并進、貴公司提供羽毛筆/戒指枕物資非常貼心、網站內容非常豐富、律師非常有經驗態度好好


Facebook系統非常完善~程序講解十分清晰,不會浪費時間💛 填寫擬結婚通知書過程都十分方便🙏🏻一百分

沈先生 & 王小姐


Focus make Profession


Therefore, you may entrust us with your dream wedding ceremony.

Our service centre is fully equipped with all the resources and means necessary to address all your possible concerns we learnt from experience since 2006

Time-tested measures are in place to maintain the quality of celebrants’ performance

Managed by full-time in-house celebrant with the primary objective of delivering high quality customer service and celebrant performance

Most recommended by hotels and merchants

Over 40 hotels/restaurant groups recommend An Oath to their valued customers and this is definitely a vote of confidence.

5 Simple Steps to Get Married

with Each Step Tracked By Our System

Not only will our advanced IT system walk you through your marriage application and ceremony preparation, but also our staff plays a proactive role in tracking every step you take to ensure that your wedding ceremony is carried out as planned.

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