My Wedding

The principal value of celebrant service lies in its flexibility to permit personalization of your wedding ceremony.

For MyWedding service plan, you may include in your wedding ceremony all the elements you consider important to make the event unique, romantic and memorable.

"A truly unforgettable wedding, in addition to good memories, the experience of the ceremony will make you have a deeper understanding of marriage"

Our rundown meeting and practical experience will help you personalize your wedding ceremony in the following manner:


To inspire you to create a theme for your wedding and deliver the message through talk, action and venue setup.


To make you and all the guests involved in the wedding ceremony to share the happiness and romance.


To cooperate with all co-workers to ensure smooth running of the ceremony.

Service Highlight

To appoint specific celebrant
Cantonese/ English
30mins Private Meeting
Online Ceremony Rundown Knowledge Base
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Marriage Application
Celebrant Accessories
Personalised Vow

Ceremony Rundown

As long as 60 minutes
Celebrant arrives at the venue 30 minutes before the ceremony time; ceremony lasts for about 20 minutes; 10 minutes are reserved for delay

  • Celebrant arrives at the venue 30 mins before the ceremony time to get things ready

  • Celebrant takes the stage to make the welcome speech and invite the bride into the venue

  • Celebrant delivers the official address

  • Celebrant leads the couple to make the "I Do" vows

  • Celebrant gives the personalised blessing

  • Celebrant leads the couple to make the personalised vows by repeating after him/her and to exchange rings

  • Celebrant invites the groom to lift the veil and kiss the bride

  • Celebrant guides the couple and witnesses to sign the marriage certificate

  • Celebrant presents the marriage certificate to the newly weds and invite them to march out

5 Simple Steps to Get Married

with Each Step Tracked By Our System

Not only will our advanced IT system walk you through your marriage application and ceremony preparation, but also our staff plays a proactive role in tracking every step you take to ensure that your wedding ceremony is carried out as planned.

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/ Standard Price $7800

^All inclusive except government fee for $305|Subject toRemote District,Auspicious DateandUrgent Bookingfee (payment methods)

Can appoint specific celebrant

黎耀 Michael Lai

非常專業細心,解釋每一個細節及步驟讓我們清楚流程. 為我們預備的祝福很用心,讓我們覺得被重視及尊重