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Marriage Application|Extra Documents & Face-to-face Enquiry

Not all marriage applications go smoothly. Cases with complications may meet with the Registrar of Marriages requesting:

  • Extra Documents
  • Meet with the duty officer in the Marriage Registry

You will be notified by us if the Registrar of Marriages so requests.

You are strongly advised to take IMMEDIATE action to respond to the request. Any delay may leave insufficient time for the Registrar to finish processing your marriage application before your intended wedding day and end up delaying your wedding.

Extra Documents

  • Replacemet Method:address of revelant offices
  • Send the originals of the documents so requested by the Registrar of Marriages to An Oath for its onward transmission to the Marriage Registry.
  • For any document which you sent to the Marriage Registry directly without our assistance, you should, on the wedding day and for the authentication by the celebrant, bring along and present the originals and photocopies of the documents so requested, failing which you may not be able to get married as planned.

• For documents other than in Chinese and English, official translation thereof shall be produced. There should be incorporated in the translation a declaration made by the translator (as to his/her name, identity, license registration number, company, occupation, qualification to understand and translate the foreign language into Chinese/English) and duly signed by the translator and dated.

• If the translator's license registration number is not specified on the translation document, the business registration certificate of the translator's company and the business card of the translator (which must indicate the translator as being employed by the translation company).

Meeting with Duty Officer

  • Date: Monday to Friday (public holidays excluded)
  • Time: 9:00 am - 11:30 am and 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Address: 3/F, Low Block, Government Offices, 66 Queensway (Admiralty MTR Exit C1)
After the meeting, please contact An Oath immediately for our further action.

How do you know if it succeeds or not?

All successful marriage applications will meet with the issue of the Certificate of Registrar of Marriages("the Approval Document").

An Oath will notify you once the Approval Document is issued and collected. An Oath will further proceed to prepare the draft marriage certificate for your approval.

Further reading: 

Documents and Information Required

Please note that the above is for general reference only and should not be treated as legal advice. For details, you mayContact Us.