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Marriage Application| Essential document



A. Residence/ Nationality

Hong Kong Residents (Permanent)
  • HK Identity Card

Hong Kong Residents (Non-permanent)
  • HK Identity Card
  • Hong Kong Document of Identity for Visa Purposes (applicable if you are holder of this document)
  • Passport + Valid permit to stay in HK (applicable only if you are not holder of the Hong Kong Document of Identity for Visa Purposes)

  • Macau Identity Card
  • Latest landing slip
  • Valid permit to stay in HK

Mainland China
  • Exit-entry Permit for Travelling to and from HK
  • 入境証明(如果是高端人才計劃來港,需要提供第一次入境香港的入境證明(俗稱入境小票/小白條))(補領途徑)
  • Valid permit to stay in HK
  • Updated Household Registration Booklet(視乎個別情況)

        • 婚姻登記處有機會在不要求遞交戶口簿的情況下批出結婚許可文件(婚姻登記官證明書)

        • 婚姻登記處要求遞交戶口簿,並且需要更新至最近半年,上面清晰印著最近的婚姻狀況

        • 婚姻登記處不接受戶口簿中婚姻狀況一欄以手寫標示

        • 如戶口簿已經更新,但婚姻狀況一欄空白,婚姻登記處有機會不接受,在無法在戶口簿上顯示婚姻狀況的情況下,可考慮辦理婚姻狀況公證書作替代方案

    • Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Resident (applicable if you are holder of this document)
    • Taiwan Identity Card + Passport (applicable only if you are not holder of the Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Resident)
    • Latest landing slip
    • Valid permit to stay in HK
    • Household Certificate Transcript (may be required on a case-by-case basis)

    Other countries
    • 護照(如出示美國護照,除了提供具有個人照片一頁,還需要提供該頁所提及的指定頁數。詳細見樣本)
    • Latest landing slip
    • Valid permit to stay in HK

    B. Marital Status

    For those marrying parties who had been married before, such documents as specified below for the former marriage and for each of the former marriages (if there is more than one former marriage) must be produced.

    Divorced Persons
    • 香港:法庭發出之最終離婚判決令(Form 6/Form 7B) (補辦途徑)
    • 國内:三類認可的離婚文件 1.離婚証 2.Settlement Order on Civil Affair 3.民事判決書(最終判決)+生效書
    • 台灣:離婚證書或者已更新婚姻狀況的戶籍謄本並且詳細列明婚姻狀況
    • If the divorce happened outside the country of your nationality: proof of domicile for the place where the divorce happened (e.g. passport, residence permit, driving license, government mail issued prior to divorce); alternatively, a 海外非居籍屬地離婚聲明-MR23A (in which dates of the former marriage and divorce, habitual residence during the former marriage, ex-spouse's nationality, place and date of birth have to be specified) to be signed

    Widows and Widowers

    Previous Marriage Annulled

    Previous Marital Status Restored

    C. Exceptional Cases - Persons of Foreign Nationality or from Mainland China Claiming To Be Bachelor/Spinster

    • Proof of marital status issued by the relevant government authorities
    • Mainland China: Updated household registration booklet
    • Taiwan: Household Certificate Transcript
    • While this proof is not required at the time of giving the Notice of Intended Marriage, the Registrar of Marriages may, during the processing of the marriage application, request your submission of this proof as extra supporting document. So, if your case is urgent or it takes a very long time for you to obtain the proof in your country, you may consider taking immediate step to apply for the proof so that your marriage application will not be held up by the unavailability of this document of proof.

    D. Exceptional Cases - Persons with different names

    • Deed Poll

    E. Exceptional Cases - Aged Below 21

    For any person uder the age of 21 and not being a widower or widow, his/her parents or guardians must come to our office to sign Consent and Declaration ("the Consent Papers") at the time of marriage application, or apply to a District Court judge for a consent to marriage. Moreover, the originals of the following documents must be produced:

    • Birth Certificate of the applicant under the age of 21(Replacement Method)
    • Identity document of father, mother or guardian

    In addition, based on the current relationship of the applicant's biological parents, the originals of the following additional documents must be produced:

    Still Married



    • Consent Papers to be signed by guardian
    • Court Order appointing the guardian


    1. For documents other than in Chinese and English, official translation thereof shall be produced. There should be incorporated in the translation a declaration made by the translator (as to his/her name, identity, license registration number, company, occupation, qualification to understand and translate the foreign language into Chinese/English) and duly signed by the translator and dated.
    2. If the translator's license registration number is not specified on the translation document, the business registration certificate of the translator's company and the business card of the translator (which must indicate the translator as being employed by the translation company).

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