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You enjoy all of the following by way of one-stop service without extra charge, no matter which service plan you choose:

Your enquiries will be answered by our dedicated and experienced customer service officers.

Despite your use of celebrant service, you are still required by law to submit the Notice of Intended Marriage to the Registrar of Marriages through a civil celebrant within 3 months before the wedding day.

However, attending the Marriage Registry in person to sign and submit the Notice of Intended Marriage is no longer required. Instead, you may, via our proprietary information system, input online your personal data necessary for the preparation of the Notice of Intended Marriage in advance and make appointment to sign the Notice of Intended Marriage in our office (from 2:30PM to 5:30PM on weekdays and from 6:00PM to 7:00PM on selected weekdays). We will then submit your signed Notice of Intended Marriage to the Registrar of Marriages on your behalf.

您們無須再擔憂錯過重要的註冊排期,因為壹誓的電腦系統會依時自動以電子郵件或Facebook Messenger提醒您們到壹誓辦公室簽署排期文件。

You may log in your online account for information download, data input for preparation of marriage-related documents, reservation for appointment to sign, progress checking and approval of marriage certificate.

Your supply of personal data is required for our preparation of marriage-related documents. For the sake of efficiency and accuracy, we developed an online information system to enable you to complete the entire data input process on the Internet and to generate all the relevant documents automatically.

You may read ouronline postsfor knowledge about:

  1. standard ceremony rundown and MC script
  2. ceremony issues which deserve your special attention (eg how to exchange rings, how to personalise your vows)
  3. tradition and meaning behind each step and action of the ceremony

We share your valid concern about a celebrant's tight ceremony appointment schedule (ie taking up several wedding ceremonies in a row without giving sufficient time allowance for contingency) which may, on the happening of unexpected delay in any one of the ceremonies, give rise to serious delay in subsequent ceremonies due to domino effect. Therefore, our booking system is programmed to enforce a mandatory time interval of not less than 3 hours between the scheduled start time of any 2 ceremonies in a row for any specific celebrant (unless the proximity of venues permits a shortened time interval).

However, please note that our "3-hour no-booking" policy is not designed to give any warranty to our bridal customers that they can advance or delay their ceremony time for up to 3 hours because such time change may on certain auspicious days create serious violations of our "3-hour no-booking" policy for a particular celebrant who is assigned to take up multiple ceremonies in a row.

On your wedding day, you are free from the trouble of preparing for the ceremony because our celebrant will arrive at the venue 15 or 30 minutes (depending on your service plan) in advance to verify the ceremony rundown with your master of ceremony and get things ready for the wedding ceremony.

No panic about delay because our celebrant can stay at your ceremony venue for as long as 45 or 60 minutes (depending on your service plan) allowing you sufficient time to deal with unexpected delays.

You may borrow quill pen, pen stand, ring pillow and signature backing folder from our celebrant who brings along the same as standard accessories.

Your Marriage Certificate will be well protected by our purpose-built Marriage Certificate Holder or Marriage Certificate Tube Holder (depending on your service plan).

Marriage Certificate Tube Holder

A handy and protective storage device





 Marriage Certificate Holder

In case your assigned celebrant is unable to provide service, either our in-house celebrant or contract celebrants will act as substitute.