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Best Ceremony time?

一般新人於預約證婚律師的證婚時間時,都仍未籌備婚禮流程,便會認為「入席時間=證婚時間」,但根據壹誓多年經驗:最佳證婚時間:婚宴開席最少前一個小時。 原因:方便證婚儀式結束後新娘換婚紗轉晚裝,也有時間安排親友入席休息。
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Wedding MC Script-An Oath Wedding Version

In "An Oath Wedding", the civil celebrant will use the presiding skills throughout the process in order to create a wedding atmosphere. And the lawyer will leads the couple to say "I do" at the right time, and let them read the oath under the lawyer's lead. Here are the Wedding MC script below, for you better understanding the ceremony rundown.
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