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Wedding MC Script-Classic Registration Version

In「Classic Registration」, the celebrant will cooperate with MC within the wedding ceremony:Hold the ceremony after March in to presents the marriage certificate to the newly weds.

Here are the Wedding MC script below, for you better understanding the ceremony rundown.

Wedding MC script|Wedding MC Script reference

The main difference between tranditional and the modern style is the way Bride and Groom enter the venue

  • Tranditional style: Bride is accompanied by her father to enter the venue
  • Modern Style: Bride is accompanied by her father to enter the venue

Division of labor for Celebrant and MC

Wedding MCCelebrant
Invite guests to take a seat
Play the video
Invite witness come up on stage
Invite the new couple into the venue
Invite celebrant to come up on stage
Say the official address
Say the vow
Ring exchange ceremony
Lift the veil
Kiss the Bride
Celebrant guides the couple and witnesses to sign the marriage certificate
Invite the couple march out
Cut the cake
Deliver glasses of champagne
Group photo-taking

If simple registration is all you want and you are satisfied with the registration style adopted by the marriage registries for decades, our "Classic Registration" celebrant service is your best choice.

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