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If you are Catholics, Christians or other religious believers and want to include religious ceremonies in your wedding, you can refer to the following content and the 2 solutions provided by An Oath, so that the celebrant and the clergy will preside over the wedding together.

The wedding ceremony must be including the following 3 steps in order:

According to Hong Kong law, a wedding ceremony must be held outside a licensed place of public worship., and the celebrant must, in the presence of the marrying parties and the witnesses, complete the following 3 steps in order:

  1. Celebrant makes the official address
    • "Before you are joined in matrimony, it is my duty to remind you of the solemn and binding character of a marriage contracted under the Marriage Ordinance, which is in law the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others. Know ye, therefore, [name of the male party], and [name of the female party], that, by the public taking of each other as man and wife in my presence and in the presence of the persons now here, and by the subsequent attestation thereof by signing your names to that effect, you become legally married to each other, although no other rite of a civil or religious nature shall take place."
  2. Groom/Bride says the statutory vow
  3. Celebrant guides the couple and witnesses to sign the marriage certificate

Scheme Reference

If you want the celebrant to officiate a wedding ceremony jointly with a minister, you may consider one of the following options:

Scheme A Scheme B
Purpose Complete the 3 legal steps before religious ceremony Vow hosted by minister
Feature Easy to manage and time efficient Likely to overrun and end up incurring overtime surcharge
Official Address Delivered by celebrant in bridal room Delivered by celebrant in bridal room
Statutory Vow Hosted by celebrant in bridal room Hosted by minister on stage
Marriage Certificate Signing Hosted by celebrant in bridal room Hosted by celebrant on stage


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